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Rosetta: is a port city on the Mediterranean coast in Egypt. It is located 65 km east of Alexandria, in al-Buhayrah governorate. It was founded around AD 800.

With the decline of Alexandria following the Ottoman conquest of Egypt in the 16th century, Rashid boomed, only to wane in importance after Alexandria's revival. During the 19th century it was a popular British tourist destination, known for its charming Ottoman mansions, citrus groves and cleanliness.

The town of Rashid came to be known in the West as Rosetta, the name by which it was referred to by the French during Napoleon Bonaparte's campaign in Egypt. It is famous as the site where the Rosetta Stone was found by French soldiers in 1799.


It is the modern representative of the ancient Bolbitine, which lay a little farther north. In the Middle Ages Rosetta was a place of considerable commercial importance, and it continued to flourish until the construction of the Mahmudiyeh Canal and the improvement of the harbor at Alexandria diverted most of its trade to the latter city.

It also witnessed the defeat of the 1807 British Fraser campaign; it was on September 19th, trying to occupy Egypt after the French army left Egypt. So it became later the national day of the town.Al-buhaira celebrates that day.

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