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The discovery of the walls of the sacred lake Besan stone

Revealed the French mission working in the area of ​​Tanis Eastern Region for 2000 pieces of stone and colorful carved in low relief, which was used to build the walls of the sacred lake of the temple of the gods die temples Tanis
Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary of State for the effects that these blocks is due mostly to the era of King Osorkon the second era of family 22 (712 to 945 BC), and it may be a temple or limited by the re-use Kjdran of the lake in ancient Egypt's late, pointing out that the pieces used to be studied and reinstall it to reach a figure that was at the time of its creation, whether a temple or shrine.
Dr. Philip Prso head of the mission, the French sacred lake, which works to promote the detection since last year, an area of ​​30 meters and a depth of 6 meters and is helping to detect by these stones, which were cleaned 120 pieces so far, most of the writings and inscriptions great.
Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Maksoud, general supervisor of the Office of the Minister of the effects that the ministry is currently implementing a huge project for the development of the Sun stone monuments at a cost of 50 million pounds as a stage of initial and including the adjustment of the water table and drainage water in the region neighboring apartments, and create a store museum art.
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  The discovery of the walls of the sacred lake Besan stone
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