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Provide library and multimedia arts groups rich of art materials

Was to provide library Arts and Multimedia BA a wealth of printed materials and printed in various technical fields, Kamarp and the arts, theater, cinema, photography and music, within the framework of directed library Taufermassadr information in the fields of art and sources of knowledge multiple in various forms of audio-visual materials and electronic resources, This is done through the development of collections and audio-visual and electronic in all fields of knowledge.

The Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Dr. Ismail Serageldin - said in a statement Saturday - The Library of Arts and Multimedia containing 30 thousand and 532 printed material, represented in books and reference books, periodicals, sheet music, and non-print materials Faisal number to 21 thousand and 940 articles, is in audio-visual materials, and includes a variety of topics, educational and religious, cultural and political, in addition to a range of films and documentaries and educational programs and tools for self-education in the field of languages ​​and the computer.

He noted that the Library Arts and Multimedia archive also includes an electronic giant that includes thousands of movies and thousands of hours of television programming.

He pointed out that BA have a list of sites Aliketrotdmnip in the fields of music, film and theater, and allows the library to the public a range of satellite channels in many areas, as well as recordings of all conferences, concerts and activities taking place inside the library
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  Provide library and multimedia arts groups rich of art materials
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