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Yes for the Greek Museum in Alexandria

More than three hundred character of archeologists and intellectuals of Alexandria, Egypt, the world launched a campaign to stop the rebuilding of the governorate building in Alexandria, which was burned on 28 January
And not under the title of Alexandria .. Yes, the Museum of Greco-Roman as the land of the governorate building collapsed located in the oldest and most important streets of Alexandria Greek, which is likely to be below the effects, says Dr. Khaled Azab, media advisor to the Library of Alexandria and coordinator of the campaign that is being coordinated by the Department of Archaeology, led by Dr. Zahi Hawass, who inspected the site There was interest by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Dr. Essam Sharaf, chairman of the Council of Ministers to discuss the possibility of annexation of land preservation to the Greco-Roman Museum, where the museum is in dire need of expansion to add the service area and wait for the antique stores to save belongings unique, especially as this museum is one of the most famous museums of the world and the third most important museum in Egypt
Al Ahram newspaper 

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  Yes for the Greek Museum in Alexandria
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