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Ceremonial Egyptian-Kuwaiti

Ceremonial Egyptian-Kuwaiti to support tourism and the Egyptian economy

Aimed at supporting and promoting tourism and the Egyptian economy was held yesterday evening, the first celebration of Egyptian-Kuwaiti stressed the interdependence of the Egyptian and Kuwaiti peoples
Where he was hosting the delegation of a Kuwaiti high-level and a number of Egyptian artists to the work of media coverage of the activity of the Egyptian tourism.
The celebration was part of the activities of the initiative organized by the Kuwait House of National Works in cooperation with the tourism Board and was attended by Mohammed Fahad Hamad Ambassador of Kuwait and Joseph Amery, head of House of Kuwait, also called the Union of producers of the Gulf of artistic production and media and all the space stations Arabian Gulf in terms of support for the Egyptian economy and work to re-art movement to normal, the festive artist Manal safety and attended the Art of Stars Hussein Fahmy and Ezzat Alayli and hope Jiddawi and director Adel Adeeb and civil society congratulations orange and a number of journalists and writers. The snapshot of the Kuwaiti delegation with a number of artists from Egypt during the ceremony.
Al Ahram newspaper 

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  Ceremonial Egyptian-Kuwaiti
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